Commit History

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  hector b19e655807 Merge branch 'master' of hector/mssh into master 1 year ago
  Hector Garcia Alvarez c6225bf2c1 Updated deprecated gtk_font_button_{get,set}_font_name to new gtk_font_chooser_{get,set}_font 1 year ago
  Héctor García 27575bed37 Documenting changes 1 year ago
  Héctor García da3f60d820 Now support aliases + hosts on command line at the same time 1 year ago
  Héctor García 2fdfe0bc67 Added support to define more than one alias on command line 1 year ago
  Héctor García 9dd4e7aef0 Migrated from vte_terminal_spawn_sync to vte_terminal_spawn_async 1 year ago
  Héctor García 92210613ce Fixed speeling mistake 3 years ago
  Héctor García aa5215a6a8 Adapted mssh_terminal_child_exited to new signal call 3 years ago
  Héctor García a9416101f8 Bumped to 2.2 3 years ago
  Héctor García d496bb4110 Update to support vte 0.40 3 years ago
  Héctor García 682c1a3b96 Updated to support vte-2.91 3 years ago
  Héctor García db7472e6af Migrated to vte 0.40. Changed vte_terminal_fork_command_full to vte_terminal_spawn_sync. Removed vte_terminal_set_word_chars 3 years ago
  Héctor García 728317c791 Documented 2 new features shorcuts 3 years ago
  Héctor García 944f589833 Updated example 4 years ago
  Héctor García f8caac3237 Updated man page 4 years ago
  Héctor García c8c3337257 Bumped to version 2.1 4 years ago
  Héctor García 4f748113d5 Integrated gettext support and spanish translation 4 years ago
  Héctor García 7a8344c0c5 Updating spanish translation 4 years ago
  Héctor García 8242bace73 Fixing gettext support plus spanish translation 4 years ago
  Héctor García 1fceec6827 Fixing configuration errors 4 years ago
  Héctor García 9ca64a65e4 Updated Spanish translation 4 years ago
  Héctor García d663eeac8d Merge branch 'master' into gettext 4 years ago
  Héctor García 3a52ba14b4 Added file compiled to prevent warnings 4 years ago
  Héctor García 115b1e36a4 Updated Changelog 4 years ago
  Héctor García 8a29dd11da Merge branch 'origin/master' 4 years ago
  Héctor García f0b5ae68e2 set the focus on the global entry only if the terminal closed has it 4 years ago
  Héctor García f70a93549e Migrated deprecated funtion gtk_image_menu_item_new_with_label to gtk_menu_item_new_with_label 4 years ago
  Héctor García f4cb35279c Migrated deprecated funtions gtk_widget_set_margin_{left,right} to gtk_widget_set_margin_{start,end} 4 years ago
  Héctor García 02c4699361 Migrated deprecated funtion gtk_image_menu_item_new_from_stock to gtk_menu_item_new_with_mnemonic 4 years ago
  Héctor García 336fc90584 Migrated deprecated funtion gtk_button_new_from_stock to gtk_button_new_with_label 4 years ago