Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Héctor García a9416101f8 Bumped to 2.2 9 years ago
  Héctor García 682c1a3b96 Updated to support vte-2.91 9 years ago
  Héctor García c8c3337257 Bumped to version 2.1 9 years ago
  Héctor García 8242bace73 Fixing gettext support plus spanish translation 9 years ago
  Héctor García 1fceec6827 Fixing configuration errors 9 years ago
  Héctor García f5281cfda5 Add gettext support 10 years ago
  Héctor García f45fb691c9 Bumped to 2.0 with gtk3 support 10 years ago
  Héctor García cf0d1550bf Bumped version to 1.3 gtk2 deprecated symbols free 10 years ago
  Bradley Smith 38ecdf60cb Bump to version 1.2 14 years ago
  Bradley Smith 6d8e582edc Bump version to 1.1. 14 years ago
  Bradley Smith 127c89cc9a Bump version to 1.0. 14 years ago
  Bradley Smith ff9d8d34a0 Hook up the rest of the preferences dialog. 14 years ago
  Bradley Smith c1e1c37e6d Add initial gconf stuff, and hook up font preference. 14 years ago
  Bradley Smith bc1b730b6a Bump version to 0.2. 14 years ago
  Bradley Smith ef810b7316 Initial commit. 15 years ago