Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Héctor García 721a328aa3 Merge some changes from branch 'gtk2' into main 9 years ago
  Héctor García 487e0a449a Added patch to define back scroll lines for terminals 9 years ago
  Héctor García 0898db0edd Fix changing ports patch 9 years ago
  Héctor García 5adcc5bf54 Support port numbers on host definition 9 years ago
  Héctor García 7b26add32b Migrate from vte_terminal_fork_command to vte_terminal_fork_command_full to make compile against GTK 2.24 9 years ago
  Bradley Smith 289bdc6ffd Add call to vte_terminal_set_word_chars. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith 9c9d4dae05 Get rid of horrible tabs in files. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith ff9d8d34a0 Hook up the rest of the preferences dialog. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith 0862cbd602 Catch pastes into GtkEntry. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith 3176af35e8 Fixes to terminal class and add "add session" menuitem. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith c538280a05 Split out terminals into seperate clase and make layout more dynamic. 13 years ago