Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Héctor García 974474cf09 Added the posibility to use \n on command alias 8 years ago
  Héctor García 64a76976ca New feature command aliases 8 years ago
  Héctor García 8c7939a4cf Support comments on config file 9 years ago
  Bradley Smith 9c9d4dae05 Get rid of horrible tabs in files. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith 354b2e2fb2 Add columns override option. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith b58141b07e Implement .mssh_clusters config file. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith c538280a05 Split out terminals into seperate clase and make layout more dynamic. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith 94526c0fe7 Fix indentation. 13 years ago
  Bradley Smith ef810b7316 Initial commit. 13 years ago